Nightmare Neighbours Torment Residents Under The Radar

A woman and man in Sale Torments tenants for over a decade


We investigated on behalf of a resident who contacted us, we will shield the name of the offenders and the name of the resident or residents involved.

His neighbours are a woman and a man and are above 50 years old, the nightmare neighbour can be seen in the picture, this man also we are told does not have a poop bag with him when he takes the little dog for walkies on the close or in a local park, and we are told disturbing information at the way they treat this animal just so they can annoy his neighbour, they also we believe bring in vermin to the close by feeding them.

The resident who is on the end of all this madness lives on a close just off Washaway Road near to Eastway in Sale he told us a shocking amount of things his neighbours had done to him and continue to do.

He told us about the first year of moving in at the start of 2009 and that he could not hear anything and his neighbours caused him no problems apart from a women who used to knock on his door for money who ended up part of this terror plot against him, we believe this women has now moved out to which he is very pleased about.

Something changed though after that first year of living in the close, and the trigger to all this was the “Sky TV” incident, when engineers linked his sky service using his neighbours dish, he told us that he was happy watching the new service when he heard knocking on the window, he investigated what was wrong and there was a panic like he had never seen before, his neighbour had a phone in her hand and was already on to sky.

The resident could not believe it as he had requested his own dish, but to end the problem he cancelled Sky a week later, but this was to be the trigger for a war like problem.

He tells us now he started hearing things, the TV was on loud and often very late at night, he started hearing thuds as if they were jumping like monkeys and throwing things to the ground making his room shake.

That was not the end of it, they started putting chemicals outside his door, when one broke the resident said “It smelt of strong mint and was starting to burn my throat, and breathing was affected” he told housing immediatly but they did nothing, he also tells us he told GMP Chorlton on Twitter showing them an image they advised him not to touch it but was unable to tell him what it was.

Other things that they did was more sinister, following him about in his own flat, knocking on walls which they still do, waking him up in someone elses flat as another neighbour to the side of him gives his neighbours full access to there flat.

They now started to mess with the drains, he tells us that he could hear someone possibly the crafty male pumping air into them making the noise and smell real bad.

He continues, they now started messing with the garden which in the first two years the resident thought was private property since the housing had told him both the flat and garden was his neighbours property, we could question why the housing at that time lied

They blocked of his tiny path with wiry plants that kept on growing, yet managing the rest of the garden fairly well.

More things came to light when he told us that his neighbours now started robbing his bins, he tells us he even saw his neighbour messing around the other bins.

His neighbours also robbed parcels, he tells us one day he was expecting a parcel and waited outiside and could hear the women his neighbour trying to intercept the parcel, it was only when she realised that he was watching she said “Oh never mind its ok now”

Well we was shocked at what we heard, there was more and more issues for this man who lives alone, he told us about the buzzing noises that annoyed the hell out of him and the countless headphones and ear defenders he has bought to try to limit the issue.

His neighbours a man (in the image) and a women are fairly elderly, he tells us the woman is between 50/60 and the man is around 60/65 and are fairly wealthy people and look very bored.

We asked for a comment but they did not respond, we also looked at what the housing association had done for this man and other than a couple of mediation attempts which both his neighbours backed out off they had done nothing to support him.

The housing group based in Partington as we are aware has had a bad past, and it seems they are almost enjoying some of the nasty experiences some of their residents are on the end off simply by not helping resolve there issues in a professional manner.

Trafford Council came out and was just as bad, the resident tells us they was going to come and put in a microphone, but he tells us they would have kept quiet the entire duration, since they eavesdrop him, and of course from what he has told us know his every movement in his own flat.

On conclusion we are simply shocked at the level of abuse this man has had from two people who have been glorified somehow, they do eveything under the radar, and seemingly have power over the housing and the police who back them up which is very concerning, as age has nothing to do with anything these days.

We are also shocked at the neighbour at 23 as they are also elderly and yet play along with this situation, do we say money has changed hands? we cannot say but one thing for sure is this needs sorting out once and for all bringing in professional people not the obvious lesser people who currently work from the Partington office.

Do you have nightmare neighbours? if you do please contact us.

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