Big Problems On The A56 At Park Road Continue

This week has been one mad week for accidents on and around the A56 at Park Road.

Partly responsible is the roadworks, that have gone on and on although we are told the completion will be sometime next month.

We also know drivers are also partly to blame for what is going on, and we can fully understand your frustrations having been stuck in the long queues southbound.

The death of a 25-year-old women must have surely put things into perspective, that this women’s life was taken away and a family left devastated, but only yesterday we saw several cars jumping red at Park road.

Another accident happened just the day after the women died, this time at a very dangerous set of lights, this crossing his very dangerous as cars try to beat the red light.

The council and political people are now looking at what if anything can be done to ensure safety now and after.

We will continue to monitor this part of the A56 and further up at Eastway where we know many drivers have gone through red, we also have witnessed people doing full u-turns when all lights were on red!

Lastly to the drivers, just keep calm, we know you want to get out of the jam and get to where you need to be, but be patient or try to avoid the area, if you need to get to Altrincham why not use Brooklands Road? sure its a bit out of the way but hey! you want to get to your destination right? in a safer way? it’s an option.

Stay safe people, and if your a pedestrian or cyclist be on the ball, keep your eyes peeled more so at that what is now known as “The scary Junction”

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