After The EU Referendum The Racists Appear

The EU referendum vote has been and gone, although it will take over two years to be out of the EU.

After the vote result, many things happened, the biggest one is uncertainty, the leave camp did not have any plans, and still do not have any plans for what happens to the UK once we have left the EU.

Their has been no mention of the human rights act which should be now a thing of the past.

And we have the racial issue, that is seeping back into society, it probably never left us, just laid dormant.

In UK we must not accept racism, but we have to understand the difference between immigration and racism.


Racism of any kind is disgusting, only a day or so a go we saw a few lads on a Manchester tram insulting people, so what if he is black, so what if someone is not white?

Lets keep Manchester and the UK racism free and this also applies to non white people! like dodgy David Cameron says “We are all in this together” in racial terms he is very correct.

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