Frustration Growing Against Amey One Trafford

Amey was brought in by the Tories here in Trafford in a gigantic deal that will see the company provide services for the next 21 years or so.

Trafford Labour and others including residents was against the idea in the first place but was passed and a 23-year contract signed.

A couple of years have elapsed and the reports are not good, residents complaining about the length of time the company has taken about the Park Road junction to fly tipping and general upkeep of the parks.

Every Amey worker we approached have so far not said anything good about the company, so even their own workforce is unhappy, many of which have told us about low moral and a fear of losing their jobs.

We visited a park in Sale to see the upkeep ourselves and was shocked at  what we saw, rubbish everywhere, as it happens Amey came in the park to sweep up, to clean out the bins, one resident was helping and shown his frustrations, the Amey worker told us that “he gets a red ear a fair bit” this was no surprise since the job he did was lazy at best.

He left several bins with bin bags that did not fit, left rubbish around a bin, a resident came out and gave him some black bin bags, the Amey worker accepted but did not use them.

Frustrations are clearly growing, do we call time on Amey is the hot question.

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  1. Yep amneyx are a disgrace I walk my dog every morning on the park one Trafford used to empty bins every morning I’ve not seen anyone at all from amneyx empty bins at all when people leave fridges etc out its for the scrap men that comes round .


    • Hi, that is correct but the good news is Amey and Trafford are getting together soon to iron out the issues, scrap men do not come out, fridges left for over a month on Moss Lane are still there.


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