Gang Issues In Hale Leads To Robbery

At around 6pm on Aug 9 a gang of eight males approached a male and his friends at Hale Bowling Club on Ashley Road Hale.

Four of the eight offenders grabbed hold of one male, demanding to know what was in his pockets, whilst holding a sharp object to his stomach.

The offenders searched the males pockets and took his mobile phone, during the search of this male his pals ran off, they were then chased by the other offenders.

All offenders made off back onto Ashley Road and up into Leigh Road.

The main offender is described as mixed race, 6ft tall, medium build and aged around 16/17 with a scar/shaved right eyebrow, he was wearing a full grey Nike jog suit.

The second offender is described as a white male, small build, aged around 12/13-years-old with blonde hair.

The third offender is described as black, 5f8 tall, large build around 16/17 years old with short black shaven head, wearing a black hooded top.

anybody with information should call police on 101 or anonymously to Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

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