Old Man And His Wife In Sale Defy Trafford Council Dog Fouling Ban





Old Man In Sale



An old man and sometimes his wife in Sale continue to defy Trafford Council’s dog fouling ban.

It is not known what age this man is or his wife, but we have been told by many who know them they are outwardly nice people but some have told us they seem nasty under the surface.

They continue to walk the little white dog in Walton Park and on their close nearby and no black poop bags are ever seen not caring about (if) anything the council or the dimwitted housing association puts before them.

We caught the old man yesterday Aug 9 at around 4.18pm and saw him on Walton Park looking very nervous, we also witnessed his dog pooping and was not cleared up, this is not right at all.

This same man was reported by people from another close for letting his dog poop in wooded area, one resident said she has never seen him with a black poop bag, she also claims that he had his dog run up her path, and all over her small garden making a mess, and was nasty to her once confronted.

We cannot say why this is happening or why they are acting in such a way, but we can agree that this is unfair on all that go to this park and unfair on neighbours and others that have been blighted by this couple for years.

News4trafford has already done an article on this same man, who causes problems for his neighbour and neighbours and it is time we feel something was done about them once and for all.

We have reported to Trafford Council our findings and to the housing association to which they belong.

Anyone else who has issues about this couple must report them to Your Housing in Partington or Trafford Council, sending them details of what you saw, when and what time, and a picture if you have one, you can also send them into us by emailing newsdesk@news4trafford.com

If you know this man and his wife and have had similar issues we would like to hear from you.

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