Trafford Need A Re-Think On Its Youth Centres

The summer holiday has elapsed a couple of weeks and already we see many teenagers hanging out in large groups at several locations in Trafford.

Trafford council have cut all its youth centres and are about to embark on a new project but this is too little too late.

We have seen the boredom in the kids eyes, the boredom with the constant drug usage in our parks is why we are seeing so much anti-social behaviour in our borough.

They cannot just go home, put the television on, or mess around on the internet all day, or play on the PlayStation, they are kids, they need support and a direction in life although of course mum and dad help out or a family member, but the youth service are needed to fill in the gaps.

It is unlikely that the school holidays will be shortened so these guys have only one option to get rid of the stress of being bored and having no direction in life and that to cause as much damage as possible.

We was told by Sale Square security of the issues the past weekend, one officer who did not want to be named told us “We had to deal with several incidents over the weekend where a gang of around 30 youths caused trouble” she also told us that a busker had his money pinched.

What is next? old people getting robbed? people just walking down the street and just by coincidence a big gang of these bored people are just around the corner, let me tell you as security told me having 30 of these guys around you is intimidating.

It is rather annoying when Trafford Council gave LCCC over £4m when at the same time they axed all its youth centres, that £4m could have ensured its survival.

I think we all understand that we need to cut the budget because of this so-called economic crisis, but it should never affect our kids and their future and it has, we feel this is not only wrong but playing with fire for the future of this borough, this country and we urge those in charge of youth centres and services to get a grip of itself and help these guys before it is too late.

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