Without pointing fingers at anyone, as we are talking in general terms lets look at Litter Pick Groups here in Trafford and what a great effort they put into cleaning up the area they live in since Amey do not come out fast enough anymore.

One group in Partington who also helped get a refurb of a kids playground do a litter pick also “on the park” it has also “it” says done other parts of the area although we have no proof of this.

For months we have seen Oak RD and the shopping area become worse, a deprived part of the area looking even more deprived yet the group claimed on social media that they cleaned it up only three weeks ago.

Only last Sunday we went around and saw fridges and freezers dumped, and a mess on pretty much every walk we went down, what we are saying is “Doesn’t this depress you?” having to look at that every time you go out?

Friends of Oak Rd group who we covered during the early beginnings and who we have a good relationship with are sadly going through a tough time lately, things are so bad they claim one thing and then it’s something else look at the picture for proof.


They need to get together and ask themselves what is next, and what the true intentions are for this group now that the park has been refurbished, do they care about the area? some do maybe all do,  why not create a bigger group so to cover all of the areas? if you have no ambition, no clear goals then there is no point in having any group like this.

We though praise the group for what they had done with Oak RD park, removing a mountain or rubbish and securing the park, no one will ever take the praise away from them for that effort.

One also has to look at Amey’s role, and of course, the parish council who we know have had some issues, their hearts though are in the right place but directionless.

As for Litter Pick groups in other areas, they do a fantastic job, Sale Wombles have only one intention and that is to clean,  and they do it because they care about the area they cover, and probably because they know if it is left Amey would not come and clean up.

Yes, it is all to do with Amey in the end, and who was it that decided to place them in charge? we blame them entirely!

Our reporter lived in the area of Partington for many years and still comes down twice a week when he can, the intentions are to keep Partington on the up, our intentions are to help identify issues that still exist and this means in all areas of Trafford not just Partington.


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