Litter Pick Groups And Where It Can Go Wrong

Without pointing fingers at anyone, as we are talking in general terms lets look at Litter Pick Groups here in Trafford and what a great effort they put into cleaning up the area they live in since Amey do not come out fast enough anymore.

One group in Partington who also helped get a refurb of a kids playground do a litter pick also “on the park” it has also “it” says done other parts of the area although we have no proof of this.

For months we have seen Oak RD and the shopping area become worse, a deprived part of the area looking even more deprived yet the group claimed on social media that they cleaned it up only three weeks ago.

Only last Sunday we went around and saw fridges and freezers dumped, and a mess on pretty much every walk we went down, what we are saying is “Doesn’t this depress you?” having to look at that every time you go out?

Friends of Oak Rd group who we covered during the early beginnings and who we have a good relationship with are sadly going through a tough time lately, things are so bad they claim one thing and then it’s something else look at the picture for proof.


They need to get together and ask themselves what is next, and what the true intentions are for this group now that the park has been refurbished, do they care about the area? some do maybe all do,  why not create a bigger group so to cover all of the areas? if you have no ambition, no clear goals then there is no point in having any group like this.

We though praise the group for what they had done with Oak RD park, removing a mountain or rubbish and securing the park, no one will ever take the praise away from them for that effort.

One also has to look at Amey’s role, and of course, the parish council who we know have had some issues, their hearts though are in the right place but directionless.

As for Litter Pick groups in other areas, they do a fantastic job, Sale Wombles have only one intention and that is to clean,  and they do it because they care about the area they cover, and probably because they know if it is left Amey would not come and clean up.

Yes, it is all to do with Amey in the end, and who was it that decided to place them in charge? we blame them entirely!

Our reporter lived in the area of Partington for many years and still comes down twice a week when he can, the intentions are to keep Partington on the up, our intentions are to help identify issues that still exist and this means in all areas of Trafford not just Partington.


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  1. Good afternoon can I please ask for this article to be taken down because if is not very nice the friends of oak road try there best but the writer of this article trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill by slaging partington off and its not right


    • Good Afternoon, No we stand by what the reporter said, it was not slagging off anyone or group, it clearly says this at the start and also we have good relations with the group, so your comments are not valid, although appreciate your feedback


  2. As someone who grew up in carrington , and now living in Wales, I still visit both areas, and can’t help but notice the decline in both partington and carrington. … Neglected by the councils over the years, the villages I loved are now run down. Your litter problem can be solved by employing litter police like we have here in Wales. And at £80 a fine we don’t have such a big problem like we used to have.

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  3. Good relations with group? Really….. I doubt that. Yet again another one sided post from info you you have seen heard or received! The hard work that has been put into Partington for you to totally disregard it! These articles you are posting mr marsden are all hear say of what you have heard seen or received while being Partington. You yourself do not live here, so how can you comment? How can you write one sided arguments? You simple cannot and your annoying articles need to stop!


    • Hi Sarah, thanks for your reply, I appreciate what you are saying, can you expand on what you have said, I would love to hear from you again, firstly the reporter lived in the area for many years and goes down once maybe twice a week and reports to the council also what is needed, he tells us and shows us photos of the area and we was disgusted to be honest, now that the group have lied to us which is there in evidence we felt we had to do a story but not to single out Partington as that would be unfair, Partington is in the context of the article, we will continue to monitor the area until satisfied its a clean and safe environment to live work and play in, if it was not for us you lot would have massive potholes, even more rubbish to deal with, we shifted bags and nags of rubbish dumped on chapel lane, as for the group we do have good relations but wonder about their motives, we get a lot of hype, lots of talk but see little change in what could be a fantastic area to live in.


  4. What a terrible article, we all know about the problem with litter and fly tipping but to put down a group of volunteers and i quote:-

    They need to get together and ask themselves what is next, and what the true intentions are for this group, do they care about the area, now that the park is done, why not create a bigger group so to cover all of the areas? if you have no ambition, no clear goals then there is no point in having any group like this and then to be masked in glory is further proof of its demise.

    It does not matter how much they pick up whether its one crisp packet or 10 bin bags full these people care about their community and should be applauded for their work and giving up spare time and instead of telling them to think big or not bother is a total insult.
    Also as you are praising Sale Wombles i presume that is where you live and do not want to upset your neighbours because you obviously don’t live in Partington


    • Hi Mike, thanks for your feedback, it was not our intentions to upset anyone, we want to work with the group to get the area sorted out and that is all, we do not like being lied to and if you can look at the picture you can see they have done, they have also cornered our reporter on oak road fields and he tells us although won in the end, it was very insulting as he cares greatly about the area, the article is a good one and opens up debate as to what this group is really doing, since they have never touched Oak Rd in months and our reporter goes down often, we have contacted Amey and they tell us the area will be cleaned soon so all is good, oh no thanks to us but yea cool give them praise! thanks again for contacting us and have a nice day =)


  5. We wouldn’t need friends of Oak road or any other volunteers if Trafford Council actually did the jobs they’re paid for. Why do we pay council tax plus a precept for services that we now rely on volunteers to do? Trafford have never given the services that Partington deserve, they are too busy using our contributions in other areas as usual.


      • From its inception Partington has always had to rely on its voluntary groups for everything. We were housed by Manchester in a borough that didn’t want us and went out of their way to ignore us. We have fought Trafford Council for every basic service we should be entitled to. We will continue fighting for our rights. If it takes volunteers to do the work we are paying the Council and Housing Association to do then so be it. It doesn’t mean we won’t go after the powers that be and eventually force them to do their jobs.


      • Good Afternoon, don’t get me talking about that dreadful organisation that has on it’s own created much of the mess Partington is in and the sadly bad name it is trying to shake off, you guys will be crying out for news4trafford soon once that Carrington village is created, you think you are in a shadow now well watch what happens, everything will go towards that, even your poor mobile phone signals!


      • What, exactly, is news4trafford doing about Partingtons problems with Trafford B.C.? Apart from aiding and abetting our undeserved reputation and promoting scare tactics?


      • Hi Maggie, What have we done, before Amey we got lock lane resurfaced, lights at Warburton Lane working including new boxes, we got the council to get rid off about 10 bags of rubbish dumped just out of chapel lane into the lanes, we got a much needed resurface on Wood Lane just past Willow Road, we managed to secure a partial resurface further up on wood lane, we got the parish council to ask the owner of the garage on Watburton Lane to cut back the vegetation alongside a walk and this needs to be done again, we got rid of the recycling bins and a mountain of rubbish that was behind it on central rd, we got loads of potholes filled like the one on Cross lane east, and we got the council to cut back the vegitation alongside the park on the path down cross lane easy as it was a danger, we without question helped Oak Road Park group at the start until they cornered our reporter and that included your councillors, we are on the housings back since they have a huge hand to play in the destruction and bad name of the area, and waiting for our moment to pounce on anything wrong they do, it would help though if people would contact us with issues, you see we have done much more than clean up a park, we will continue to work to get Partington better with or without glorified idiots and sadly there are many in society.


      • The whole of the Oak Road estate has always been ignored by do-gooders. It has always been Lock Lane, Central Road and recently Wood Lane estates that get the money spent on them. You want to have a go at the housing? Try asking Brian Cronin where his £1million budget went? Also, since the merger, why tenants have to spend a great deal of time and money waiting on the phone trying to report a repair. Why are tenants paying so much for a local office that’s about as much use as a chocolate fireguard? Why were the tenants lied to during the LSVT of 1996? How did they get away with removing all tenant board members? I could give you chapter and verse of what this HA has done to tenant rights and this community.


      • Maggie, you must do so please email telling me what you know, we are very concerned with that housing group, more so because they cannot be bothered to help people some very vulnerable people with neighbour nuisance, they had a hand in killing an old women on Northumberland RD years back, but we shall not forget this story, she died as a result of her neighbour, and housing would not do anything other than make things worse, they have the worst and I mean the worst community safety team on this planet, I really do try to see some glimmer of hope with them, but there just is nothing, they are utterly useless, we know of a housing officer who has shouted about her experience but does not know proper the tenancy agreement, in fact maybe they all do not understand it or more than likely can’t be bothered!, we was very angry at the way they got praise and media attention (messenger) for helping create football pitch for the kids behind the shed they all work from, what did they get? well a few cheap goalposts and they cut the grass, many kids was unhappy, they lied and again got praise for the Tesco trip whilst the shopping centre was being built, they was supposed to lay on travel and got the reward for it, then decided at the last moment that they could not do it, I understand their was a vote to bring them in, we need a vote asap to get rid of them and we will be leading the way to secure this, but need more information, what do you think of your councillors? did you know that Trafford Labour branch in Partington was all suspended or resigned? you all voted not knowing this! the guy that has come in lost everything before winning his seat in Partington, time will tell if he is of any use, seems to quiet to me, Karina before he came along was outstanding, but since then sense has left the building lol, nice women though and hope to have her on our side, don’t forget please contact us and we will be in touch =)


      • Just to add we are not saying the housing killed the women on Northumberland RD, we mean with stress from a bad neighbour did not help this elderly lady as she was always complaining about her neighbour and the housing, and she was frightened these are the facts


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