INEOS Will Start ‘Seismic​’ Survey Work In South Trafford Very Soon

A leaked letter online confirms that INEOS is to start an or several seismic surveys in Trafford sooner than you may think.


The letter does show seismic surveys will be carried out at the end of this month or early October, but INEOS have contacted us giving this statement

An INEOS spokesperson said: “I don’t expect a survey to be scheduled in Cheshire until sometime in 2017.

“We will, of course, hold public exhibitions in the Cheshire area ahead of the surveys starting to explain what we will be doing and why the data acquired helps us decide potential drilling locations.”

So it is clear then that INEOS are to do seismic surveys in the coming months and this data will be used to find the best places for drilling which could be under your home! or maybe even where you work.

For those that are concerned about fracking in Trafford, we will keep you up to date with what is going on all the way.



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