More Problems On The Horizon For Amey One Trafford

Amey are in charge of many things here in Trafford and as we all know the Tories made the decision to give them a gigantic contract.

Things have not gone well, employees complaining about the lack of staff and scared about loosing their own jobs, members of the public not happy about the length of time they take to do anything, and even councillors are getting fed up because they are not having much luck with them.

If you’re a cyclists more so a road cyclist you will want to be riding on tarmac, with no potholes, no obstructions and everybody is happy.

Amey and its contractors have done something unthinkable, Moss Lane near to Partington is a very dangerous road for all users, we know that cars have crashed and further on cyclists have been killed.


They have now added what they call “Surface Dressing” to the tarmac that to be fair was not that bad, sure it had a few potholes but it did not need any treatmentThe road going to Chapel Lane in Partington looks like the face of the moon it has so many holes in it, yet nothing yet is done.

This surface dressing is not only bad for a road cycle but is very dangerous if a cyclist comes off his bike, sometimes a cyclist could come down as a result of a mechanical where a brake fails and slings you out of the saddle or even loss of concentration.

If a cyclist hits that surface he or she will be tipped as if he or she had been attacked with a very large cheese grater, the damage to the skin will without question need medical attention.

On a normal road with no treatment most cyclists end up skidding which 9/10 will result in road rash, it’s still not nice but you can treat this at a chemist or even at home.

We have asked Amey to keep us updated and to their credit have done and we thank them for that.

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