Public Consultations Today On The Future Of the Sale Moor Warrener Street Car Park

Cushman & Wakefield are today Sept 13 holding public consultations on the future of the Warrener  Street car park in Sale Moor.

Screenshot 2016-09-13 at 4.26.42 PM.png

Public consultations will be held at Sale High School from 4.30-7pm, a high turn out is expected due to the amount of people in the area opposed to what is going on.

A huge supermarket will be part of the Sale Moor village at some point, it will change the landscape forever, the way Sale Moor village is now should never change.

Why should it change? the people of this village deserve to be heard, there should be no consultations, it is simply wrong for the council to have given the green lights to a new supermarket.

Many concerns have been raised by residents and all valid, we feel the congestion in the area will be a nightmare once this supermarket is operational, any plans must have pedestrian and cyclists concerns at the front of the queue, local traders will be hit hard, traders that have been part of the community for many years.

Your Labour councillors and the ‘We are sale moor’ group will make sure your concerns are heard, this for us is a great thing, it shows community spirit and a fight for what is right.

We will continue to support Sale Moor and we will continue to keep everybody updated.



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