The Rubbish In Trafford And The Facts

Fly tipping has been the talk of the town for many months now, it has been a problem since Amey took over even more so in fact.

People even media get it all wrong sometimes, what the issue is with all this fly tipping is without going around in a circle a million times to make the story longer is money!


To take a van to a tip with a load of stuff from a building or whatever costs money, if you’re a small business who probably are struggling to make ends meet, would you want to be paying extra money out just to dump your waist? of course you wouldn’t let’s be factual about this!

If you saw an opportunity to dump your waist at say 3am on a Sunday morning for free, not obstructing anyone you would surely find this an attractive idea, since you will know Amey will pick it up anyway, this is not to say it is right what they are doing but you can see my point.

This is why they are doing it, you also have to remember people from outside Trafford dump waste, even residents from other places, including our own! this is where it goes beyond the joke.

Residents throwing beds and mattresses out and bags full of rubbish is disgusting, I have seen piles and piles of rubbish thrown about the place on Oak Road in Partington and at the shops, how can they live like this?

Amey take a long time about cleaning up, you also have to understand that fly tipping on private land is not the responsibility of the council, so it could take forever for that waste you have thrown out to be removed.

We have to go back to weekly bin collections, I think this would be of huge benefit to Trafford, but with the council more happy at giving away £4.5m to a Lancashire Cricket Club they have no money for this or anything else, so we will have to put up with what we have until one day people wake up and see the mistakes they make when voting for the Tories but hey! we are not saying who to vote for here that is your choice.


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