Fire Fighters Could Be Sacked If They Do Not Agree To Unreasonable Shift Patterns

Fire Fighters in Greater Manchester could all be sacked if they do not agree on a new shift pattern

This is a shocking development that will only bring disputes and needless strikes in the near future.


We all agree we have to save money because of this ‘so called’ national debt, but these new savings and the possibility of fire fighters being sacked is going to far.

Fire engines are also thought to be cut back which would bring response times fall.

The new shift patterns will start on April 1st 2017 and a consultation period is underway.

Merseyside has started the new shift patterns and are looking to change it as it’s not working very well.

It is shocking that people are even thinking of messing with such an important service, then again the Tories want private firms to take over everything so expect ScrewFix or something to be on fire engines sometime soon.

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