Sleeping Rough Can Be Very Rough

We are all aware of the serious problems surrounding people sleeping rough not just in Manchester but nationally.

The reasons for the rise are simply not enough affordable flats are being built, some would say that it is an unfair system we have in place in the UK where many get a place to live that do not even come from this country, do they have a right to be placed first in the queue? that is one for you to debate.


In recent times we have spoken to a few homeless people along the Bridgewater Canal, with tents, one guy we spoke with a while back told us his story, he was a nice chap to be honest, he did not want to be living like he was but had no option, gladly he tells us that he has now found a flat and his life is now getting back to some normality.

Another man who is homeless who also lived rough near to St Paul’s church in Sale seemed a nice chap, he let on a few times but more often than not he looked in a very angry mood.

You could see he was always drunk, and that he had other problems, the last time we saw him he was flat in his back at the back of the church, several paramedics came to his rescue but seemingly all was alright as he was talking to staff on a stretcher.

The most recent person to be sleeping rough we did not have any contact with, although we did see glimpses of him, he looked no more than 20 and slept in a tent again near to the church, we kept an eye open all the time for him, he did move his tent a few times.

Day after day we saw this tent in the same place, today Sept 20 we saw the tent had been pushed aside and the most disgusting things was revealed, although I never got to close to the site as it had a bad odour, bottles of urine was seen, and other rubbish.

How could you live like this? all under a tent, we are not sure what happened to this guy but it is hoped that he has found help and on the right road again.

It is a hard life, having nowhere to live, your life spiraling downwards no matter what you are, or what you have done, it’s like a big black bear jumping on your back and the words scary does not come anywhere near what it is like for these people.


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