BT Pop Up Scam Doing The Rounds On Android Mobile Phones

There are many scams around, of course the ultimate aim of each and every one of them is to get your money, many of these scams are easily defended but some can catch you out!

Emails have been the best route for such scams, many found in links of what looks like a legitimate website that you used at some point.

One scam came to us though via an Android device, it was fairly simple to detect, I first kept getting pop up messages on my android device which is the LG G3.

It looked like it had come from Amazon as it did have that title on the pop up,  with this pop up you have no option but to press ok.

I pressed ok, and then it gave me the photo below which looked like Facebook, it even had a fake timeline on it of people winning Apple products.


I selected less than 1 year and it took me to another page wanting my mobile number, it was then I did not proceed, I first got pictures of the scam to warn others then turned my phone off then on again and removed the Amazon app and a few others, it has worked fine ever since.

We do not know if it was the Amazon app that was infected or where this came from but had it been an elderly person or someone as vulnerable, anything could have happened,

News4trafford has sent these images to Trading Standards and to let them know of a potential new scam that infects mobile phones from legitimate apps.

Here we have an address that a scammer would use to trick you, it looks official at first glance but can you see at a second glance the difference?





Can you spot the differences from the real website addresses? if you spotted 4 you are doing well, because they are all spelt wrong but  many would not notice.

This is not the only way they con you out of your hard-earned cash, but one of many ways they can and more often than not, it will work!

Email links can be dodgy so be wary, here is one way of checking, hover over the email, it will check the address as you do so, look for differences, you will notice it is either right or wrong, if wrong do not open but bin it.

Android devices are not the safest gadgets in the world, the amount an app wants on that operating system is shocking, fans of Android can say things like “Well at least Android tells you of what the app wants” but are you happy with an app that can call out from your phone without your permission? change Wi-FI, turn on your camera or microphone without permission?


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