Another day goes by and yet more reports of burglary in the Sale area of Manchester, more thefts in the shopping centre yesterday and anti social behaviour on the rise.

Lurking in the plume of pollution that surrounds Sale, are some very undesirable people, and all are after what you have got, and police are unable to stop this spike in crime.



Preventing anything causing a concern is the best medicine surely, yet Greater Manchester Police do not prevent crime, they come when it is too late and the criminals with a proper plan can escape without detection.

We agree though police cannot be everywhere and do need the public to report suspicious activity on the 101 number which is just 15p even from a mobile.

From January last year to July the crime figures in Sale was 3,286 and the figures for this year over the same period is 3,904 and remember this is recorded crime.

It is a different story though six miles west in a tiny village called Partington where crime was a major issue has seen a small drop in overall crime rates from 507 last year to 454 in 2016, most of the crime is to do with anti social behaviour.

In other areas of Trafford crime has fallen in Old Trafford from 645 crimes in 2015 and this year the figure is 574 from January to July.

In Stretford crime rates were slightly down from 366 last year and 361 this year, whilst Altrincham West which includes Oldfield Brow has seen an increase in crime from 284 last year and 377 this year.

Urmston town centre crime figures are also on the rise from last year with 22 more crimes than last year over the same period.

Overall the crime rates have increased in Trafford despite the good news in Partington and Old Trafford, Sadly Sale is letting down Trafford with a big increase in crime, let’s hope police in Sale can get a grips of the place and turn things around.