Corbyn Wins The Labour Leadership But What Happens To Labour Now?

Jeremy Corbyn as many expected won the Labour leadership winning Owen Smith by a big majority.



Corbyn was re elected with 313, 209 votes from Labour party members, Owen managed to get 193,229 votes, meaning Corbyn got 61.8% of the vote.


It is now the Labour party needs to re-unite and move forward, all MPs so far have come out and said that all they care about is re-uniting the party, and move forward together.

The UK needs a strong opposition to fight the Tories who are destroying everything around us, causing misery in communities like never before.

Mps have spoken with John McDonnell  saying “The MPs  want to return he also says that Theresa May will call an early election, which was dismissed shortly after by the Conservatives.

Urmston and Stretford MP Kate green told the BBC “We are very anxious now that Jeremy should carry forward on the speech that he gave just after the result was announced to unite the whole of the party, to take the fight to the tories and that’s all that matters now”





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