Trafford’s Mayor Rides A Bike In A Celebration Of Cycling In Stretford

The celebration of cycling event at Longford Park in Stretford was held today Sept 25 and many people turned (Including Trafford’s Mayor Judith Lloyd) out on what was a cool and sometimes showery day.


On show outside the athletics track was several cycling stalls, many offering free bike checks, police and fire brigade was also present.

It was though the cycling parade that everyone was waiting for and it got underway with Mayor Judith Lloyd cycling at the front.

Many children took part in the event and had a great day out, it is believed more cycling events like this will take place very soon in the park.


We asked the mayor of Trafford about what she thinks of cycling and the promotion of cycling in Trafford and she told us “Yes I am all for it, wouldn’t it be good if we could hold an event where we shut down the streets like in other city’s and have a cycle and walk day”

She told us though “It would be very expensive to shut down the roads and cause lots of problems” we presume that she meant lots of problems for motorists!

Judith agreed that the A56 is a dangerous road and something needs to be done to make it safer for everyone, we told her about the pollution issues more so in Sale and that it’s never checked but did not comment.


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