92% Of The World’s Population Lives In A Place Where Air Quality Exceeds ‘WHO’ Limits

The World Health Organisation has published a new ‘air quality’ model and confirms that 92% of the world’s population are breathing in polluted air which exceed limits.


The model is based on data derived from satellite measurements, air transport models and ground station monitors for more than 3000 locations, both rural and urban.

It was developed by WHO in collaboration with the University of Bath, UK.

Over three million deaths a year are linked to exposure to outdoor air pollution, and indoor can also pose a hazard.

An Estimated 6.5m deaths were associated with indoor and outdoor pollution together.

Nearly 90% of air-pollution-related deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, with nearly 2 out of 3 occurring in South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions.

Ninety-four per cent are due to noncommunicable diseases – notably cardiovascular diseases, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer.

Air pollution also increases the risks for acute respiratory infections.

Major sources of air pollution include inefficient modes of transport, household fuel and waste burning, coal-fired power plants, and industrial activities.

The WHO director Dr Maria Neira said: “More and more cities are monitoring air pollution now, satellite data is more comprehensive, and we are getting better at refining the related health estimates.”

In September 2015, world leaders set a target within the Sustainable Development Goals of substantially reducing the number of deaths and illnesses from air pollution by 2030.

A Campaign is rolling out called ‘Breathe Life’ a global communications campaign to increase public awareness of air pollution as a major health and climate risk, you can read more about this new campaign by clicking the link at the bottom.

Here In Trafford our air is filthy at the best of times, the council has only a few pollution monitors and none for south of Trafford where pollution can be very bad more so along the A56 in Sale and in Sale Moor.

Diesel is a big cause of pollution and TFGM have told us that there is a possibility that “all buses could be run by electric power in the future” which would clean up some of the bad air.

It is not just buses though, taxi cabs can often be seen with a black plume of smog from the back, big HGVs and even normal cars can emit a big black cloud behind them.

Many owners could leave the car at home on some trips, for every time you do this you are helping clean up the air, get on a bike or go for a walk to your local shop, doing your bit for the environment.

(On the Image all colours yellow show lesser air pollution where as those in red show the highest pollution rates)

(Image: WHO)

Learn more about Breathe Life 2030

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