Lone Female In Timperley Assaulted By 5 Males

On Oct 8 at around 8pm, a lone female was approached by a gang of five males on Langham Grove/Heys Lane in Timperley.

Screenshot 2016-10-10 at 8.07.37 PM.png

The offenders demanded the females mobile phone, she refused and ran off.

This must have been a terrifying experience for the women, but fortunately she got away with her mobile and it seems unhurt.

Police are saying you must remain vigilant and be aware of your surroundings, and call 999 if you are in imminent danger.

Our advice is the same, but we suggest not to be scared, do what you have always done but just keep your head up, scan wherever you go, by looking around you, it is nothing difficult, and it is not being paranoid.

If you are alone, and you see a gang 9/10 they would not even bat an eye lid, but there is always that one day or night they might! and then you’re in a bit of a situation.

The idea is had you kept scanning around, by being switched on you would have seen the gang early and so could have taken steps to avoid it, not just a gang, any danger you see early enough you can avoid this is what it means to be switched on.

It is wise for all women to pop down to a self-defence class, or a martial arts gym, not to be taught moves that could harm people, but ways of avoiding potential danger, and it will also give you skills to protect yourself.

Many women do this now, it’s not only a good work out but very social, you get to meet new people, and make great friends along the way, pop down to your local sports centre or Library and ask for some information on self-defence classes or martial arts in your part of Trafford.

You might be thinking “Yea great idea, but should we have to do this” I agree why should you! well the answer is you do not have to do anything, it is only a suggestion but a very good one.





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