Mobile Phone Signals The Reality!

Mobile phones have been around now for a while, and although we are down a network since Orange and T-Mobile linked up as EE, we are still suffering poor signals in most parts of Greater Manchester.

Screenshot 2016-10-28 at 10.36.45 PM.png

It’s not like the big networks have not invested in network infrastructure, because they have! Vodafone has spent millions on upgrading their network, similar to O2, EE have also invested in network infrastructure and Three just here and there.

Three have the worst signal of all the networks, even on the coverage maps which is only a prediction of coverage shows huge patches where signal is poor or not at all, this also means any of the MVNO’s (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) attached to the network will suffer even more.

Signal issues more so on 4G should not be an issue in inner city suburbs, it goes through walls better than 3G, yet on all the networks in many areas the signal is weak.

Partington has the worst of it all, EE has got weaker, so weak Virgin Mobile does not work well inside, and only a few bars outside if your lucky.

O2 in Partington is patchy at best, and again Three hardly works there, Vodafone had the best signal when they had a transmitter on Wood Lane but residents wanted it taking down and now they have a weak signal, I would also say Sale has it bad for mobile phone signals.

Ofcom, wo are supposed to be in place to make sure mobile networks are kept in check just has got no balls, they are scared of the huge networks or who knows maybe they get the latest phone for free and are told to shut up!

Mobile networks know we are in love with the phones they sell, it is here to stay, they rip us off even when the deal looks good, the least they could do with the thousands we spend each year is to offer us a good signal and at this time they are offering a rubbish one.

Do you suffer bad signal? contact us or use the timeline and share your experiences.

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