General Election

Liberal Democrats Select William Jones As The Wythenshawe & Sale East Candidate For This Years Snap General Election

The Lib Dems have selected William Jones as their Wythenshawe and Sale East candidate for this years snap general election to be held on June 8.


William Jones

William has given his all to help the people of Timperley and Trafford since joining the Lib Dems in 2005, and is also the chair of his party.

He is also the founder of one of the most successful litter pick groups anywhere in Manchester if not the north-west, his group of cleaners called  the “Sale Wombles” has also helped to get other litter pick groups come abour whoch are dotted around Trafford.

Unlike some of the other politicians William is more down to earth, he grew up in inner city Liverpool and although gained many qualifications, some family issues meant he spent a few years away from the nest, he has also been unemployed for a time.

His understanding of what life is like in reality will surely be an advantage, the connection with others, from all walks of life is very refreshing.

William raised some valid points below from brexit to the NHS, with the days and weeks flying by, the snap general election will be here fast, and soon you will have a vote,  giving this man your vote will be a sensible one, the choice is yours.

  • Giving Wythenshawe and Sale East the opportunity to control our destiny and change the direction of the country on Brexit by negotiating a deal with the remaining members of the EU.  Then that deal would be put to a referendum of accept it and leave or reject it and rejoin our European partners in the EU.  The country did not vote for hard brexit on 23 June 2016 that meant leaving the single market and customs union endangering the living standards of every voter in Wythenshawe and Sale East.
  •  The NHS is in crisis and we see this crisis day-to-day in Wythenshawe and Sale East in adult social care and in Wythenshawe hospital with extreme pressure on A&E.  We need to be realistic and pay more for our NHS with some increase in taxation necessary to support it through this difficult period.  Details on this will be available at our manifesto launch.
  • Standards of Living – the Tories believe they have this election ‘in the bag’ and plan to have a post-election budget in late June.  After 2015 they had some nasty surprises for voters. In 2017 those nasty surprises are likely to be in the form of removal of the pensions triple lock (brought in by Lib Dem minister Steve Webb) hitting pensioners incomes for many years to come and the self-employed are likely to be hit too with rises in national insurance that the chancellor tried to introduce in his March budget but had to u-turn.  There is also the Brexit elephant in the room, we just don’t know how much taxes may have to rise to get the UK through the stormy waters of Brexit.  Lib Dems will be keeping the triple lock, after all we introduced it and its a good policy, protecting pensioners incomes and we will be the friend of the self employed by helping them and not taxing them.



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