PM Theresa May Says Enough Is Enough On Terrorism After 7 People Died In London Overnight

Theresa May who we have all seen to wobble at just about every question thrown at her in the run up to the general election came out with a strong message to the terrorists “Enough is enough” after seven people died and forty-eight injured, some of which are in a critical condition, after a white van crashed into innocent pedestrians on London Bridge, the three terrorists went on a rampage at Borough Market knifing anyone they could see.

File_000 (38).jpeg

After a cobra meeting Theresa May came out and addressed the media in defiant mood, she said that the general election will still take place on June 8 and that life would go on as normal for everyone, but some changes will be needed, it was concerning she attacked the internet and the providers, meaning the already draconian measures could disrupt our internet activities.

This is the third attack in a very small time, none of which are connected, it does seem to be copy cat incidents more than a planned group thing, and an attack could come from anywhere in our big cities where there is a lot of people around, like at a concert or transportation, or as like last night the target seemed to be where people were just enjoying a night out in the capital.

We must be more vigilant and not to be afraid of telling police what you know as every little thing could prove vital, a special hotline has been set up where you can tell police of your suspicions which is 0800 789 321.



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