Trafford Green Party’s Daniel Jerrome fights hardest for Altrincham residents

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News4Trafford was invited to one of the regular trips around the streets of Altrincham with the Green Party.

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It was clear to us that they really care the most about the issues residents face today, be it blocked grids, potholes etc, we saw real care and for the first time an ear! they listened to all those that spoke and noted everything down.

Altrincham obviously has trust in Dan, coming second in the last local elections, he pushed the Tory candidate hard, it is because Dan is the guy to represent that ward and you really have the chance to get the help you need by voting for him in next years local elections.

We asked several questions along the way, all present agreed that the Amey One Trafford contract was not going very well, roads are crumbling and vegetation issues are becoming out of control in some areas, we know though the One Trafford partnership has a programme on going to tackle the weeds.

It is a fact that the partnership have got fly tipping under a fair bit of control, we have only seen one bad fly tipping event in Trafford for months, although full bins more so in the Old Trafford and Stretford areas continue to be an issue.

Dan was giving strong soundbites about the state of our roads, more so on the A56 in Sale, parking issues and of course Stamford New Road were mentioned, residents were in complete sync with what Dan is going to do in Altrincham, and it was pleasing to see the respect for him and the others as we knocked on the doors.

The next local elections take place next year, it will soon be here, you can change politics in Trafford forever, making things better for all, having a Green councillor who is genuine! and would go that extra mile for you will be a refreshing change.

The other political parties have a say in the matter and will no doubt be fighting just as hard for all residents in the borough.



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