Timperley Lib Dems provisionally support the project for an abandoned rail line to be re-opened in Trafford

After we were first to know about plans sent to us by a spokesman for Hamilton Davies Trust to re-open the abandoned rail line that goes from Timperley in Trafford and goes all the way through to Cadishead and Irlam.

Timperley Lib Dems William Jones said: “Lot’s of encouraging strands for the enthusiasts to work on, and I look forward to seeing their full proposals and wish them luck in the months of hard work ahead in 2018.”

He goes on to say “We support improved transport to Timperley” all very helpful and we will be contacting Hamilton Davies in due course with some good news.

Trafford Lib Dems do fight hard for environmental issues, and improved transport links, and it is great they have decided to somewhat back the idea of having the line that goes from Timperley at the back of Waitrose in Broadheath out towards Partington and then on we think through Cadishead and then Irlam.

The trains will be steam, and running alongside this will be a cycle path which would be one amazing route, which would take cyclists of the very dangerous Sinderland Lane, it would also cut out a few minutes as it is a more direct route.



Categories: Timperley, Trafford, Trains

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