Contamination issues at Heath Farm Lane could pose problems for developers

Heath Farm Lane in Partington once used to be a LNG site which was operated by the National Grid, it all came to an end, bulldozers came in and removed all the pipes and tanks.

It is now simply a very large and empty plot of land with nothing but grass and a fence, and contamination.

We investigated and found that the following is beneath and on top of the soil:

1.9t chemical deposits, recovery-reuses of oil

20t id inorganic material

42.5t of none hazardous effluent sludge

12.9t of non hazardous metals and compounds

We have asked Trafford Council for more information through a FOI request and will update this article as soon as we get it.

It is likely that the contamination in some parts of this location will never be cleared and so may pose a risk to humans and animals.

A video was produced from the site, it is still valid that the site would be a good one for a development, as it is very quiet, contamination was included, but not in-depth coverage, contamination will also be a huge issue for the HIMOR development further on down Manchester Road.

The concern about the polypropylene extractor and SAICA causing pollution issues and of course the power plant must be a challenge for developers, not to mention the serious issues of cars blocking up the roads.

SAICA has already assured us and Partington that the steam people see is not toxic, we believe them, however if you cycle or even walk by the plant, there is an odour that exists, you breathe this in, and after a while you can even taste it, this odour spreads about the place, on Moss Lane in Partington and around Central Road you can often smell it.

We have no idea what the polypropylene extractor is doing to the environment, and why would anyone live next to that!

It is something that we are  sure developers will seriously look at, and make plans so that once any development is built everyone will be safe to live in the property, and hopefully free from not only contaminates but also air pollution.


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