Altrincham festival is being revamped for 2018 and needs your feedback

Altrincham festival is one of the best festivals in Greater Manchester, with every year that goes past, it gets better and better, and more people come out and cheer on those that have made it so great.

This year things are changing for the festival, and it needs your feedback, the news that the festival is now a CIC ( Community Interest Company) enhances things even further.

Your feedback is vital and we hope you will take part in shaping not only this years event, but for events in the future, it is a simple form and will only take you a few moments to complete, click HERE

Neil Taylor, one of the organisation’s directors said, “Our survey is on our website Your Festival, the name of which reflects how the event serves the entire community, so we naturally welcome more involvement from individuals and organisations.  We live in a rapidly changing world and are keen to keep delivering what people want.  For 40 years, the Festival has provided fun and free entertainment, an opportunity to showcase local talent, to build lasting bonds, and raise profile and awareness. However, we recognise the importance of remaining inclusive and up-to-date. We are really looking forward to analysing responses from the public and engaging new people in the future of this event.”

Former Festival Chairman, Councillor Tony Fishwick, retired from the management team last year having contributed for 27 years.  He was thanked by the team for his years of service and presented with an engraved glass tankard and flowers. “There was once a day when I looked at Beech Fields and saw nothing but grass”, he admitted.  “But I was determined to see the expanse filled with entertainment for all and I feel we have done that over the years.  While I will always support Altrincham Festival, the time has come for me to have a rest so I wish the team every success with the revamp.”

You can check out the website for all the information you need on this years even which takes place on July 7th by clicking this LINK


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