Residents in Sale take to social media about traffic issues on and off Washway Road in Sale

Many residents have taken to social media complaining about drivers trying to beat the lengthy traffic jams around Washaway Road by going down Langdale Road during rush hour every day.

It is also a similar situation on all the roads around Washway Road, and people have had enough, even a Broadheath councillor has got involved knowing the issues people are facing.

Lets look back a few moments into the past, One Trafford took a life-time about the Park Road/A56 improvements, they promised residents  that this will solve all of the traffic issues, it has done nothing! other than help pedestrians to an extent to safely cross one part of the road, that is great! nothing wrong with that, sadly they forgot all the other roads at that junction.

Who is to blame for all this mess? Council has some blame as they have not looked at the area around Washway Road, like Clough Ave, we have seen some scary scenes, where cars coming from the road who are wanting to go towards Altrincham are having to take unneccessary risks and almost force their way into position turning right on the south bound side.

It is true, this is incredibly dangerous to all motorists, more so during the morning where some of us are still in bed whilst at the wheel! it is more likely to cause an accident.

The shocking scenes of cars blocking up Langdale Road cannot continue, we have contacted the council and await a reply.

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