The clouds made by industry in Partington

We spent an afternoon in Partington, watching the clouds being formed by SAICA and what we think was the power station, on top of this the gigantic bunsen burner was also extracting stuff, all within a mile of each other and in the middle of this was where Linden and Laurus homes are  expected to build their development.


SAICA told us there is nothing to worry about as its steam, having questioned that, does steam vanish in the air? does it leave a nasty paper smell in the air? does it give you a taste of paper? and does steam linger for ages and forms a cloud, then merges into real clouds

What concerned us was the amount of this stuff being pumped into the environment, it was billowing out, at one point during the day it was thought that the factory was on fire!

If people are to move in to the Heath Farm Lane development, they will have to live with this all around them and also those at the Future Carrington development, and we have not even included the increase in Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulates from Manchester Road.



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  1. So your only concern is the possible new residents of the Heath Lane development and the new carrington village?
    What about the people who ALREADY live in Partington & Carrington. OR DON’T WE MATTER!!!


    • Hello Deborah, this development is in Partington, and please look at recent articles, this will affect all of Partington, no new road or shop infrastructure has been planned, which means all them new residents will drain more of Partingtons resources which as you know is barely supporting the 8000 people that live in the village, sadly even with public opinion, worry and doubt, your councillors will green light all developments like they did for the Future Carrington development, truly we are disgusted with them, they never keep you guys informed, and it only us that does so, and keeps an eye on things, thanks for your message and hope you are having a nice weekend despite the drab weather.


  2. why only know are you taking note of this i lived in partington when shell complex was full of chemical plants british gas bp irlam inks esso and many more that where hidden on shell complex this problem goese way back helicopters spraying the feilds surrounding partington with all sorts of nasty toxins no education what so ever on any of the dangers that surround partington and as for building houses on shell god help the health of the peaple that live there


    • Hello David, yes we agree, although HIMOR and Linden/Laurus homes with the council will have to make sure contamination is cleared before anything gets underway, your councillors should have been on to this way before us, let me tell you now we are making sure Partington is safe! and doing everything we can to update everyone.


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