Blocked drains causing problems for cyclists and pedestrians on Washway Road in Sale

The problem with blocked drains on Washway Road in Sale is not news, Lib Dem and Labour councillors in the Trafford HQ chambers last year telling the Tories about how bad things are with the blocked drains this though fell of deaf ears and did nothing to improve things.

Today with all the rain that has and continues to fall, the road now looks more like a boating lake, the seemingly delayed road works both ways from Eastway in Sale has made things much worse with every drain blocked.

We spoke to a pedestrian on Washway Road who had just been splashed by a car, he was lucky to have a fairly good quality coat on, others are not so fortunate and get drenched, some motorists do this deliberately swerving into the lane with the big puddle, although most are only concentrating on getting to where they are going and do not see the huge puddles that have formed.

Cyclists will have to be very careful on Washway Road more so from Eastway both south and north bound due to the surface and the amount of water on the road, we suggest not to be cycling anywhere near the kerb as potholes and drain covers are hidden.

The council cannot be blamed for the rain, of course not, however they have had more than enough warnings to get this problem fixed, One Trafford have a lot on their plate at the moment, potholes galore to be fixed on Sinderland Lane, Cherry Lane is in a bad state, Langdale Road is looking worn out, and in Partington they have a huge pothole on Moss Lane.

There will be other roads in Trafford that need fixing, with the blocked drains on Washway Road along with everything else, can they fix the issues…..


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