137,380 people got zero points for two components of the PIP assessment in one year

PIP or Personal Independent Payment was supposed to be much better than the old style DLA (Disability Living Allowance) politicians claiming people are going to be better off on this new benefit.

To get PIP has been very hard for many people, genuinely ill individuals being let down by the government, with a seriously paranoid mind.

Labour’s Angela Eagle asked a question about the amount of people at an assessment getting no points for  mobility and daily living components, remembering you need to get above a certain score to get the benefit.

The scores were from Nov 2016 to October 2017:

Zero mobility, none zero daily living – 70,500

Zero daily living and none zero mobility – 5,780

Total for zero mobility and zero daily living component was 137,380, and October 2017 was the highest in all the months for people getting no scores for either at 6,940.

What this all means is something has gone wrong with the system, it is broken and this useless government intent in destroying lives whilst putting a gloss over the cracks so no one can see is simply draconian.

The opposition are clearly very weak, it is vital Labour stop moaning and groaning, stop waffling, and stop this madness, they can do more…much more, people are dying because of this government.

Of course Universal Credit is the biggest way of killing off the poorest in society, however messing with genuinely sick individuals, with enough proof they are sick is something this government really needs to stop and have a serious re think about the assessments, we would go further and ask those in charge to not even bother with certain people, those with serious mobility issues, and mental health problems must be exempt from any assessments.



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  1. My husband to be has terminal cancer and has been given weeks possibly months left to live. He needed a letter from the doctor and there was still lot’s of stress that came with that. Surely people in this position should automatically receive pip without all the upsetting questions. Thing’s really need to change. He’s always worked never had to rely on benefits he had no choice. This government is a mess and they don’t know what they’re doing.


    • Hello Kerry, yes we agree, however it is the people that put them into power, do we blame the Tories or the people? even if Labour do get back in again, can we say for sure things are going to be better or worse? it’s in the air right now and no party in this country has any clue where it is going or what it is doing with pretty much every policy, the same policy’s that can make or break us all.


  2. I am having to go through an appeal to get my ESA. back after an assessment. I am mentally ill and have been for over 20 years. I have worked in those years when I can. My Son Scotty was Runover and killed in 2010 I haven’t been able to work since then. I have been diagnosed with Abnormal Grief haha how can it be Abnormal when your 15 year old Son is dead????. I also suffer with PTS, I see visions of Scotty being run over by at least 11 vehicles, I also suffer other illnesses. My Drs know I’m not well enough to work, my local jobcentre knows I’m not able to work!!! So why should 1 Dr you spend less than an hour with decide peoples fate ? They need to learn about mental illness!!! 0 points out of 15 . It’s a complete Disaster !!!!


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