Lethal autonomous weapons the new toys that may kill humanity

This is not an article about some mega million dollar sci-fi film, it’s an article that you need to read about what is in front of you, us….all of us!

The world is getting more advanced in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and leaders of the world have only a small window of opportunity to make sure that these killing machines are banned.

The UK has already got an autonomous aircraft, which is thought to be the most advanced in the world, it can think for itself, however and fortunately at this time can still be controlled by a human.

You may be thinking that AI is copy’s of us, you must have seen by now Hanson Robotics ‘Sophia’ she is not the finished article, none of them are, give it another couple of years and she will look like me and you, and will out think us all.

This is only the start, it has been said that in the near future we will have all types of autonomous flying objects, and many can kill with precision! these could be much like the small drones we see today, loaded with weapons.

These weapons could also be used by police, maybe in some situations security services, remember AI can come in all forms, it does not have to be in the air, already we are seeing AI in mobile phones, this is just the start, we expect the technology to advance n smartphones and other devices very soon, of course this is where AI can help humanity.

At this time many countries have asked for any deadly AI to be banned, we cannot see the west banning such things, simply because they will feel and it has already been said that “It is way safer than nuclear, think about it, we could kill an enemy and not have to kill everyone else”

Elon Musk is doing what he can along with other well-known people to warn of the dangers.

We agree that this is true however if these things are let loose then they could kill everyone! innocent people die with precision strikes, not just any old strike, or it may miss someone, any strike by these drones will be surgically precision.

The video above is of course fiction, but could become reality if we do not stop what will become a new arms race.


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