Will £2m be enough to fix our crumbling roads

Trafford Council secured £2m to repair our crumbling roads, and have already started to fix some of them, we heard of remedial work being carried out on Sinderland Lane and some work with a nice bit of tech on Church Lane in Urmston.

Washway Road is also being fixed although issues still remain with other roads, we have heard reports of bad surface along Firsway, some parts of Washway Road nearer to Sale have deep potholes.

Other areas like Timperley and Broadheath have roads that need to be fixed, Partington is also suffering from poor road surfaces, on inspection we could not believe the state of Moss View Road, which really is in a shocking state and right next to a school.

The £2m will not be enough to get all of the roads fixed, and where a pothole is, all that seems to be done is patch work which is fine for the moment, but will start crumbling again soon after, which makes a bigger mess of the road.

We can say though  One Trafford are responding and they have asked for people to call in your reports on 03330 035865 which is charged at your local rate even from a mobile or by clicking this LINK


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