Industrial generators to be regulated as the government tries to tackle UK air pollution

Parliament passed restrictions on air pollution from combustion plants and generators on Jan 22, it is hoped that this will help lower air pollution in our towns and cities.

A statutory instrument was debated and was passed in the house of commons and the house of lords and is expected to come into force very soon.

The government is also pledging to introduce domestic emission controls to tackle air pollution, generators in the home are highly polluting as is log fires on stoves which emit more particles than a hundred buses!

These new regulations for industry are expected to provide a reduction in Sulphur Dioxide, particulates and nitrogen oxides.

Environment Minister Therese Coffey said: “Air pollution has improved significantly since 2010, but we recognise there is more to do which is why we have put in place a £3.5bn plan to improve air quality and reduce harmful emissions.

“These regulations will help deliver further substantial reductions in emissions, while minimising the impact on energy security and costs to businesses, poor air quality affects public health, the economy and the environment which is why we are determined to do more, and later this year will publish a comprehensive clean air strategy which will set out further steps to tackle air pollution.”

Politicians in Trafford do very little with air pollution, even though they know its a serious problem, even with new regulations, how can Trafford reduce its air pollution? with more people driving than ever before, the only way we will ever get this resolved is when there is no roads left for anyone to drive on….and this is coming sooner than you may think!



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