Altrincham and Sale West MP showing concern after recent gang attacks in Trafford

Recent gang attacks mostly in the Altrincham area has alerted the MP Graham Brady who has shown some concern over what is going on in his constituency and in other parts of Trafford.

A gang has been going around Altrincham and Hale areas after school, and have robbed mobiles from other children and caused trouble around the Altrincham Metrolink station.

Parents were told by schools in Timperley and Altrincham by letter and we believe text of the ongoing issues and gave advice so that there children can come home safely, it is not just Altrincham having issues, we are also aware of a gang roaming around the Urmston and Davyhulme areas and all are from the Partington area according to a reliable source.

The MP Graham Brady despite the concern he is showing, has to look at his own party for the reasons for the problems Trafford are facing, indeed the entire country, we are no longer as secure as we used to be due to the outrageous cuts to the police forces.

We spoke to one PCSO who told us, “We cannot protect people anymore, we simply do not have the staff to do everything”

Graham Brady on his Facebook page said: “I am extremely concerned to hear reports about a number of attacks by a large group of youths targeting other young people in and around Altrincham.

“I am working closely with Greater Manchester Police and I know that they are investigating all incidents that have been reported. I’m also being kept up to date by Cllr. Laura Evans who is the Communities and Partnerships Executive Member on Trafford Council. I will continue to monitor this serious issue.”

Trafford Lib DemsĀ candidate for Timperley in this years local elections William Jones said: “The gangs situation has got out of hand because police don’t have the resources to keep on top of the issue, it’s very concerning for families that the streets that they took for granted for being safe no longer are.

“Due to the severe cuts to local policing, as with health the cuts have dangerous consequences and people will suffer because of it.”

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