A blue super moon will be visible on Wednesday night over Manchester

A special celestial event is approaching as a blue super moon will be visible over Manchester on January 31st, the last one was 150 years ago! fingers crossed the often cloudy Manchester sky’s will be clear for once for all of us to see.

A super moon basically means the earth is closer to it and so is much larger and brighter than normal, on Wednesday it will have a blue shade, this is due to atmospheric dust and some eye trickery, our brains do not understand that the earth is a dome according to scientists.

To get some decent photos, you will need some specialist equipment, and some knowledge, however you can do some great pictures with a long zoom bridge camera, make sure your settings are adjusted so the light exposure is zero, or what you will get is a big round ball of light.

Some people argue that the distance of the moon is not correct, since many people can get so close to the moon with their simple zoom cameras that they can see craters, yet the same camera used in normal situations cannot even see a person on an aircraft at only 6000ft, the moon remember is over 250,000 miles away.

If you are out and about with your cameras, you can send us your pictures or post on our Facebook page.


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