Partington 247 bus service halted due to a pothole on Sinderland Lane

The 247 service from Partington to Altrincham was halted for a time last week due to a gigantic pothole on Sinderland Lane, with the bus trapped on the small country lane, traffic built up and people had to wait for up to an hour.

The driver got help and managed to free the bus, Arriva responded by confirming on Twitter than an incident did happen last week, we are waiting for a longer response.

All passengers were unhurt during the incident and despite the delay the bus got going again and all was fine.

It does bring into question how One Trafford are managing these roads, with a number of reports from us and other residents and councillors and only little has been done, it really is a dreadful situation for all.

We are on the side of One Trafford, they are doing what they can with a small work force and a limited amount of money, in other areas they are doing very well, it is our roads that are causing the biggest issues and having a bus get stuck in one pothole is truly embarrassing.

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  1. Drivers are charged enough in car tax and fuel tax. The Government needs to be asked just what they spend this money on if not the motorists who pay it. Now motorists are facing huge repair bills because the roads are not fit to drive on.


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