A masterplan to change Stretford for the better

Stretford is a tiny town in decline, with a shopping centre that has done its job and needs some life putting back into it, although footfall has increased somewhat which is a good sign.

Of course Stretford is more than just the mall, it has a gigantic park and a couple of smaller parks that are well used, it is home of one of the best athletic clubs in the UK and has a lot of history attached.

Already we see some improvements to the road network, although we would have gone with the more cycling and pedestrian friendly idea of having a tunnel where they have sadly added a mass of confusing lights where the old subway used to be, it now almost resembles a chaotic train junction.

More improvements are planned on Chester Road from the south, this we can agree with as at this time if you want to get back on the A56 going south you have to join up with flowing and often very fast traffic, this is not good for anyone, more so cyclists, so a straight run through makes perfect sense.

The masterplan is going to revive Stretford, with UA92 a gigantic university on Talbot Road opening up, and new football training facilities and an improved cycle track on Turn Moss and a new sports centre and an interesting development for the mall the future looks exciting.

With all these improvements comes with it some issues, the consultations will have addressed some of these concerns, we are aware of possible issues on Lacy Street where residents had feared about high-rise flats, this we have read has been taken into consideration and they can all feel happy as that idea has now been scrapped.

Pollution is another big concern for people, with all these new students comes with it even more cars that will without question add more pollution to the area and to other parts of Trafford, although the next set of works to be completed on Chester Road will help improve the flow of traffic, it will do nothing for roads around Stretford and Old Trafford.

Cars and vans, and other vehicles that are stuck in a jam create more pollution, this is a widely known fact, and we can see Kings Road and roads around it clogging up, this will not only give higher pollution readings but will ultimately lead to gigantic potholes as the road wares out.

One part of Kings Road is in a right mess, from Seymour Grove in Old Trafford, other roads around Stretford are also in a bad state, these things it seems to have been excluded from the master plan, it is these things that needed to be looked at before anything was given the green light.

We do agree though and I am sure you will, that despite the pollution issues and poor road infrastructure, the rest of the masterplan is very exciting and Stretford residents can feel just that bit more prouder of the area they are proud to live in.

You can view the entire masterplan HERE


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