Dangerous crossing in Sale needs to be made safe or more people will be knocked down

A crossing on Manor Avenue is causing some concern within the community after several accidents have occurred.

We are told of how a teenager was crossing the road when a car failed to stop and was knocked down, the witness tells us he saw the kid get hit and was thrown around like a rag doll.

The legal part of this crossing is that vehicles have to give way to pedestrians and many do not! having gone down that way several times we can say for sure that 90% of drivers do not stop at the crossing even though they have seen a pedestrian or cyclist waiting.

On one occasion, we caught a driver slowing down making the pedestrian think it is safe, only to speed up again, fortunately no one was hurt as the pedestrian was switched on and waited for the car to pass, and continued on to the other side safely.

We are concerned about this crossing and have asked One Trafford if they can do something to ensure the safety of those that cross that part of Manor Avenue, in the meantime, use caution crossing, stay put until both sides have stopped.

We will update you on what will be done about the crossing soon.

(Image Google Maps)

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  1. I don’t think this crossing is any more dangerous than others in the area!! I also pass this crossing several times a day even walk across it….. Never seen anything that would alarm me! ….. Yes incidents have happened here and other crossings on Manor Ave…… And to say kids use it daily to n from school I’d say accidents are rare!


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