One Trafford investigate as railings that was badly installed on a path in Partington was stolen

Railings that were installed on a walkway in Partington were installed by One Trafford but was requested by the Antony Rudden from the Parish Council according to One Trafford.

Yet we have an email from the Parish Council telling us in directly that they have not provided or installed the railings, and have contacted One Trafford themselves.

If it turns out that One Trafford is telling the truth then we will ask Anthony Rudden why these were installed and why did they not give any notice to anyone, we asked several people and no one knew anything, it is also insane to have any railings on this path due to the amount of people that use it, mostly mums and dads coming to and from school, it is also a fact that many disabled people will use this path and so would have been blocked.

The railings which was badly installed on a path that goes from Warburton Lane towards both Erskine Road and Chapel Lane were stolen leaving gaping holes that we have now been told will be filled.

We questioned not only the bad installation of these railings as a health and safety matter, and the small gap that would have meant mums bringing their kids to and from school would have had to find an alternative route and disabled people wanting to take a short cut.

One Trafford have told us an investigation is underway to find out who stole the railings and we shall not rest until the truth is known as this could happen again behind people’s backs on other routes that people use frequently.

It is understandable if it was for motorbikes, however on first inspection when all railings were up, the first set of railings had a very wide gap onto a bit of field, which a motorbike could have easily fitted through, although the other railings towards Chapel Lane were better fitted.

More follows…


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