Two developments get additional funding from the government in Partington

Two developments in Partington has been selected to receive funding as part of the governments plan to build more homes.

Future Carrington and the Peel development on Lock Lane were the winners, however nothing has yet been given to the Linden/Laurus homes development on Heath Farm Lane.

It will mean the first phase of the Future Carrington works will now begin, and await further information on the Peel development, we can say without any question the tiny village of Partington, and Warburton and further on will see longer traffic jams as a result.

Pollution is already off the scale in Partington, something political people really do not do much about, they will tell you anything even those at group meetings, you can chew on whatever you like of course, however what is the truth? and from this angle not much has been told for decades in the Partington area.

The reality is, once all the three developments are operational, with no new road infrastructure planned (at this time) how many more cars are going to be in the area? how many more vans? bus services will be a little more frequent and the possibility of a new service from Carrington has been mentioned.

Look at Partington as it is today, be honest! you are struggling, it is agreed that improvements are on going and things are looking a tad brighter, but for infrastructure even those that are head of the groups in the area cannot tell you any lies about the need for more infrastructure to cope withe all these new people.

Do you seriously think you have enough shops now? enough space for about another estimated 3000 more cars not including vans etc? do you think you have good enough health care? what about your library? is there any cycling facilities? and the list goes on and on.

Partington will be swamped like never before, we are warning people now of the reality that those in charge should be telling you about now! so what can be done you may ask, well several things.

Campaign to get more roads before building these gigantic developments, contact Peel and Linden/Laurus homes about your concerns, go to the consultations, contact the MP, get a Facebook group going, start your own pressure group, we will always be there for you! and fighting as ever, harder, ultimately it is down to the residents and what they want and hopefully those in higher places can for once tell you the truth about what is going to be hitting you and soon!

You can view the full amount both developments got and the full statement HERE


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