United fans stood silent in memory of those that died in the Munich air disaster

On a damp cold afternoon in Manchester thousands of fans turned up to watch Manchester United win Huddersfield 2-0, before the game many fans stood shoulder to shoulder to pay their respects for those that died in the Munich air disaster.


That day where many of United’s brightest stars perished on February 6th 1958.

United were returning home after a European game vs Red Star Belgrade in which United won and progressed into the semi-finals, the aircraft they was on was a British European Airways Airspeed Ambassador jet flight number 609, three times this aircraft tried to take off and all attempts failed, ultimately leading to the disaster in which 23 people perished and 21 had survived.

The third attempt, it has been claimed the aircraft did not have the right speed for it to take off, no more runway and it crashed into a nearby house, this blew up, and then a tanker was nearby and that blew up, a series of events after the crash did not help.

For every fan in the country in the world, the Manchester United Munich disaster will always be remembered, it was a dark day in the history of football, it was a dark day for everyone associated with Manchester United, the players to the fans, something that we will never forget, something that will be part of us forever,

The names of those that died are below:

Duncan Edwards

Tommy Taylor

Mark Jones

Eddie Coleman

Roger Bryne

Liam Whelan

David Pegg

Geoff Bent


Duncan Edwards died in hospital about two weeks after the crash, others also died on the flight, sadly some journalists also died and ex Manchester City keeper Frank Swift who was on his way to hospital and sadly passed away.

Those that survived some of which were because of the Manchester United goalkeeper Harry Gregg who managed to save some of the passengers by bravely pulling them out of the burning aircraft.

The players that survived the crash are below:

Bobby Charlton

Harry Gregg

Ray Wood

Albert Scanlon

Dennis Violet

Jackie Blanchflower

Bill Foulkes

Kenny Morgans

Johnny Berry

Only Bobby Charlton is alive from the list of survivors in 2018 as the others have passed away due to old age and other issues not related to the air crash.

The other survivor of Manchester United was of course the manager Sir Matt Busby, he passed away in 1994.

United’s Busby babes, the flowers of Manchester always alive in our hearts, and on one day the 6th of February we get our chance to remember those that perished.

Manchester United will open the east stand on Feb 6th and supporters wishing to attend should arrive around 2pm as once the memorial starts at 2.40pm the gates will close, fans are also reminded by the club that they will be subject to the normal security checks.

Car parking on the day will be available.



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