England football team reveal new kits and training wear for 2018

Replica football kits is big business here in the UK and England are cashing in offering two new kits and training wear.

The home kit is a little different to the last one, another blank affair with lots of what looks like holes that forms a pattern, the collar looks a tad different being a little bit bigger and with a red pin stripe.

As for the away shirt, it is all red with a George cross laser etched into the fabric, both kits will be on sale very soon and is expected to be between £65 and £70 and likely an elite shirt, the one the players wear will be available for around £100, the elite shirts whilst the original thing are often about two sizes smaller and of course costs a fortune.

The training wear actually looks alright, some people are actually saying the white training top looks better than the home jersey, and we agree it looks good enough and would be around £30 cheaper.

Buying these kits is becoming increasingly difficult more so if you’re a mum with two or three kids all hoping to get the latest and greatest, we are not sure at this time how much a kids kit will cost, although add about £5/10 more than what you paid for any of the premier league shirts.

It is true that if we all stopped buying these kits, the clubs and England will get very nervous as well as Adidas and Nike, and within a couple of months the price will slowly reduce, for the first time this year, Manchester United and other Premier League teams reduced their kits making it cheaper than Sports Direct which for years had always been cheaper.


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