Your vote should be taken more seriously at this years local elections

The local elections are in May and for just about everybody in Trafford it is crucial we get this one right, it is no ordinary vote, some have told us that many people just vote because of a family member or even as stupid as what colour your football team is!

It is of course the choice of the voter, we ask you though to take extra care of who you vote for, candidates often will buy your vote, with false promises, sure it has always been the way, however these people need to be offering hope and some truth.

A councillor’s job is not easy, all of them have case work and could be sacks of it depending on how busy things are, we know that some really only do what is asked and no more, we think they should spend a little time out and about in the areas they cover, rather than rely on emails.

The main issues at this time seems to be on NHS, Benefits, pollution, no money for our fantastic emergency services, not enough housing or road infrastructure, and without question more so here in Trafford a lack of cycling infrastructure.

Crime is on the up simply because of the amount of police that have been lost, and having privatised probation services, it does not matter what party you belong to or want to vote for, the only way you decrease crime is employ more police and community safety at local councils, help those coming out of prison not to re-offend again.

The Tories have made a right mess of not only Trafford but the entire country, with this ‘US’ style UK firmly on the minds, they want that so much! however who do we really blame for all this? it is the very people who vote for them, again we say not to be voting for a party just because your family voted or votes for them, or your dog nodded its head at The Green Party or whatever, it is crucial that you take your vote as serious as possible.

We ask you not to be swayed by false promises of those trying to get back in or new candidates, but to judge for yourself, take a moment to look at what this person has done, has she or he had any real experience? what are they offering? look at everything including policy, keep notes down about what they are saying in the media, in leaflets and at the doorstep, check social media channels, then you will have better knowledge who you are voting for and can then be confident that your vote will be for someone who will be worth it.

The heat has now been set to boiling and its going to be a battle like never before, will we see Labour with the keys to the council this year? that answer is up to you!


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