Mayor’s budget proposals means your council tax bills will see a big rise this year

The Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham has a proposed budget that will see council tax rise steeply this year.

Greater Manchester is a vast place, taking in not only Trafford but Bolton, Bury and as far as Rochdale, for the extra money we are giving to the police all residents will get for it are just 50 extra officers!

More officers the better and 50 although sounds small will help in some way to control the ever-increasing amounts of crime in Greater Manchester. with limited staff and money we think the police are doing a superb job of dealing with criminality at this present time.

All of our emergency services are under great pressure, these are the people that come to our rescue, and this government are trying to take it away from all of us, we must not let them do this to us anymore, you have the power to change things! at the ballot box.

As part of the overall budget package:

  • At least 50 new police officers will be recruited for neighbourhood policing
  • PCSO numbers will be maintained
  • Faster improvements will be made to the non-emergency 101 service
  • The fire service budget will be protected and staff shortages addressed
  • Congestion across Greater Manchester will begin to be addressed, with the transport control room turned into a 24/7 operation
  • Greater Manchester’s new plan for jobs and homes (known as the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework) will be published later this year, taking in to account residents’ concerns, especially about development on green space

Mayor Andy Burnham said: “The Government’s decision to cut Greater Manchester Police for the eighth year in a row, when the threat level remains high and crime is rising, means we have been left in a difficult position with no real choice but to ask our residents to fill the gap. And with this extra funding GMP will be asked to strengthen neighbourhood policing, ensure a strong police presence across GM and accelerate improvements in the 101 service.”

To accelerate improvements in the 101 service will require more staff at the call centre, no proposals are on the table to do that, the work PCSO’s do is valuable, but are limited to what they can do, more like eyes and ears of the community in which they serve with very little knowledge of the laws.

The increase in council tax for a band B property will rise by £16 this year if budget proposals are accepted.




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