Arriva North West urge councils to prioritise bus routes when planning repairs to road surfaces

Arriva North West responds after a 247 bus got stuck in a huge pothole on Sinderland Lane on January 24th.

The bus company has told us that they want all councils to prioritise bus routes when they are planning any resurfacing. Sinderland Lane that goes from Broadheath into Dunham and Partington had more complaints about it than any other road in Trafford due to the amount of potholes, we noticed a couple of drain covers facing the wrong way! the council needs to get a fix on this as soon as possible.

The 247 bus service is a lifeline for Partington residents, without it many would struggle to get to work or get about, it is also the same with the 247 towards the Intu Trafford Centre, and the 255 that goes to the north of the borough, vital services for all those that do not have a car or bike, and with these huge housing developments due to be built, in the near future more bus services will be needed, as yet nothing has been planned, we are currently asking Metrolink if they would now be more interested in extending the line,as at one time they did show to us some interest before abandoning the idea.

We have since asked Arriva what the plans are once the gigantic housing developments have been built since Sinderland Lane will be at a standstill on a daily basis, and it is a fact that this tiny country lane would not be able to cope with so much traffic, and where standing traffic exists, pollution becomes worse, something those you elected need to take more seriously.

An Arriva spokesperson said: “Arriva can confirm that on 24th January there was an incident where an Arriva bus came into contact with a large pothole on Sinderland Lane, which resulted in the bus being removed from service for the remainder of that day.

“Due to the tight spacing on the road, and poor visibility of the pothole as a result of excessive rainwater, the situation was unavoidable and the bus was later recovered from the lane.

“Arriva would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and inform passengers that the 247 is now operating a normal service.

“Potholes and poor road surface conditions, in general are becoming an increasing issue on several of our routes across Greater Manchester and we urge councils and highway authorities to prioritise bus routes when planning repairs to road surfaces.”


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