Several Trafford take-aways inspected by Environmental Health

Several take-away’s around the Trafford area including Partington and Sale have recently been inspected by Trafford Council Environmental Inspectors and we await details of the new ratings

Ishys in Partington got a rating the last time inspectors came which was a 0 (zero) the lowest rating and could have seen the establishment closed down until improvements are made, having seen the inspectors report for Ishys, I doubt you would have ever gone back in the place, it was just to disgusting to even publish, it is with hope the take away that is on the end of a run down building on Oak Road will have managed to get a higher mark since it is a fact many people really enjoy the food from the establishment.

The ratings go from 0 (zero) and 5 which is the best mark of all, take-away’s and any establishment that serves food needs to get this rating, it shows to the public that they can be trusted and you are unlikely to spend all your day and nigh on the toilet after eating from there.

Take-away’s inspected are:

Ishys – Partington current rating 0

Spice of India – Sale current rating 2

Xpress Pizza – Sale current rating 2

Dragon City – Sale current rating 3

Golden Bowl – Sale current rating 3

Bread Station – Sale current rating 4

Fresh 2 Cook – Sale current rating 4

Park View – Sale current rating 4

Ellies Pizza – Sale current rating 5


We will update this page with the new rating alongside the old one, this is to help inform you of the standards being set at your local take-away.

All establishments offer very nice food and are very popular, some of the ratings are low simply because of poor freezer/fridge temperature readings, however some are so disgusting you would change where you eat out!


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