Police finger scanners a portable war on crime or a portable invasion of your privacy?

The government revealed a new tool for the police today February 10th where officers will have with them a small scanning device so they can scan anyone in the street.

This new power is believed to have no legislation, so you do not have any rights, nothing has been said about what if a person refuses, do they get locked up? no one knows!

Once your finger prints have been scanned, them same prints are scanned by a Biometric Sevices Gateway, this they say will be safe and secure, as after the scanning has been done and assessed the prints are then deleted, so they say! with no legislation, no information on anything to do with this new power and the way it slipped through so fast could get some people worried.

Whilst any new technology to help a dwindling police force is welcomed, this new tech could well be used in a way that it was not meant for, since no one has any rights.

So far only West Yorkshire Police are trialling it, however it is very likely that every force will be using this method of obtaining information about you very soon.

You can read more about this invasive technology HERE

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