What to do if you have a bad neighbour guide

Bad neighbours can ruin someones life, and cause serious health issues, they are nasty individuals like parasites they cling to you and suck up all your energy.

Most common issues are with noise, banging, stomping about, playing the TV very loud, playing music during the early hours, all night parties, the list is endless.

When you have come back from a day of hard work, or whatever you are doing in your life, your home is your space, and you should expect some quiet, a place where you can relax, for some though this is not possible, as neighbours just wait for you to come back and the noise starts again.

You complain to the housing group, but like those from ‘Your Housing Group’ you know they are either part of the problem through targeting and believe me they do target certain people! or just so incompetent that they do not have a clue what to do.

You are left with only three choices, (1) see a solicitor (2) buy some noise cancelling headphones and a CCTV system (3) move out.

If you live in Trafford moving out is going to be hard, swapping is not the answer, we did an investigation and found 9 out of the 10 people who wanted to swap had neighbour issues, so why would you want to move into another place where they have bad neighbours? swapping is bad and it needs to change.

Police are not really trained to deal with such issues, they are also and proven that some can be easily manipulated, One older man on the Sale area used a technique on one officer and completely controlled him, you see if you have the knowledge of how to talk to the part of the brain that accepts everything, you can get anything you want, a bad neighbour that understands this is not only a bad neighbour but a dangerous one.

Political people are utter useless in helping with bad neighbours so no point trying to seek help from them, your council may help put in a microphone to record stuff, but if your neighbour is a crafty parasite he or she will go quiet.

It is though political people in higher places that can get change, as people become more and more hostile this change is badly needed and we would hope if you have issues that you do something to get this change.

You must never ever resort to violence, although it will come as to some relief for the small amount of time, you will suffer in the long-term, being locked up with hundreds of wild animals will be far worse.

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